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From The Desk of Karen Moore:

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

You're at my exclusive No Website information/payment page because you responded to the Ty Long voice message you heard earlier, and you watched the short Webinar above.

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  • Bonus 7 - Offline Marketing System - Includes 2 fully tested, scalable offline Lead Generation System using postcard marketing and classified ad campaigns. Actual postcard artwork included. ($97 VALUE!)

  • Bonus 8 - Done For You Marketing - ((HOT)) Eliminate the tedious job of posting multiple classified ads in many cities. Let our EXCLUSIVE Craigslist and Backpage Posting Service resource put your advertising on autopilot!

  • Bonus 9 - Facebook Support GroupYou'll have access to our PRIVATE team Facebook Group where top team leaders will share their "secrets sauce" and hand out "golden nuggets" like it's Halloween candy! (Priceless!)

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Again, once you make your payment via Credit Or Debit Card you will receive your username and password to the members Training area and You will then have access to the ENTIRE “duplicatable” $250 No Website System and you can start making money right away. The system works just like the video says!

Talk soon!

Karen Moore
916-613-8757  (call or text)

P.S. Here's the Ty Long voice message you heard earlier:
916-233-0800    24/7 Information Line

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No Website System FAQ's

Q: Who is Ty Long? A: Ty is our spokes person that does the recorded messages.
Q: How will I get leads? A: (Look under Lead Resources Tab in the Member Area).
Q: What are the products? A:  You get your own members area and a replicated page. You are paying $250 for the recorded messages, ad copy, video and access to our discount broadcasting and all the instructions that make this an easy re-sell business without the red-tape of buying a website. NWS products are also located in the members area.
Q: How do I get paid from my prospects? A: Custom JOIN NOW buttons will be placed on your very own branded page (like this one). These buttons will be linked to your Paypal account or account.
Q: Does this work world-wide? A: In about 20 countries.
Q: Can I sell No Website for less than $250 or more than $250? A: No. We want this to be an even playing field for everyone.
Q: Is this MLM? A: NO. This is a business you purchase and you re-sell the services.
Q: Are there refunds? A: NO. You are given the instructions and services after you’ve paid.
Q: Can I purchase more than one (No Website)? A: Yes.
Q: Who came up with this product and business? A: Ty Long. Nashville, TN.
Q: Will I get a 1099 for income? A: No. You are an independent business owner. You are paid directly from your buyers that purchase directly from you.
Q: Am I guaranteed to make money with this system? A: No, but most do. See below for the INCOME AND EARNINGS DISCLAIMER.
Q: When is the best time to phone broadcast? A: Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat. at 4:00pm EST.
Q: What is the Phone Broadcasting? A: That’s when the folks at the Phone Broadcasting Company record a professional message just for you. That message will be broadcast to your lead list and will go into their answering machine. See step by step easy instructions in your members area .
How do I get an 800 Link Phone Number? A: This information will be in your Members Area.
Q: I am on a limited budget. Is phone broadcasting the only method of advertising? A: Absolutely Not. There are many methods to advertise Ty Long's No Website System. The Exclusive Members area will include tutorials on Free Advertising methods as well as paid.
Q: Do I have to pay a membership fee? A: Currently there are no membership fees but we do have to generate some income to maintain the member area and the video pages so in order to keep your account active you must A. enroll your 800 link account with the link in the member area and you must keep it in active status. B. Place an order for at least one Ty Long Package (Cost: $99.00)
Q: I already joined the Ty Long No Website System a while back. Now, I understand the importance of "branding" myself. Can I use the "branded" info/order page you have available to send my prospects to? A: No problem. But since you are not a member of my team, there will be a one time set-up and hosting fee of just $69. CLICK HERE to order your custom branded page.

Take a peek at my Exclusive Members Area...
learn exactly what I do to bank $250 over and over!

Real people making real money online with
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Megan N.

"Just did my first voice broadcast last night and already received an order this morning and another said they would join tomorrow, thank you Ty Long!"

Megan N., Alpharetta, GA
Rob F.

"Hey guys, thank you for setting up my system! I have like zero techie skills, lol. My branded page looks great! Can't wait to start!"

Rob F. , Batavia, IL
Richie E.

"Four sales this week so far! I've never made money online before, I am sooo pumped!"

Richie E. , Port Saint Lucie, FL
Tammy B.

"I am a stay at home mom and this system is perfect for me. I've had 10 sales this month already!"

Tammy B., Teaneck, NJ

YES Karen, I'm ready to start! Send me Ty Long's No Website System
PLUS your insane bonuses valued at over $1,109 NOW!!

Still have questions? Contact me...

Karen Moore
916-613-8757(call or text)

916-233-0800   24/7 Information Line

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